The Tomb of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, in the City of  Medina, Saudi Arabia.



The house of God called Kabaa, which was built by Prophet Abrahim, peace be upon him,

in the City of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia      

Please, join the Party of God and let us together fight against the Party of the Devil through education, which is the key to success in every aspect of life including religion. Please read to find out why the Shia Muslims (the followers of the twelve rulers) are right and all of the other religions in the world are wrong, because they were created by the Devil and Her chosen evil leaders and their deceived followers don't know it. God bless you. 

Prophet Jesus, pbuh, who was sent to us by God, was a Muslim (God's Servant) not a Jew and he was prophet of Islam (peace and submission to the will of God) and the one who was killed on the cross by the evil Jews was the evil Judas, who betrayed him, and not Prophet Jesus, pbuh. Because God saved His servant by taking him up to Himself alive and made the evil Judas look like him and he appeared to the evil Jews as Prophet Jesus, pbuh, and they killed him on the cross and he was yelling and screaming "O God why me why me. Read more to find out what happened to Prophet Jesus, pbuh.